Igniting extraordinary, from the inside out.

Ignite extraordinary, from the inside out.

We help individuals and teams accelerate their performance by nurturing trust and great communication.

Hi, I’m Yolanda.

I’ve spent the last 20 years being fascinated by what it takes to be extraordinary; where we bring our best selves to work and life, and bring out the best in others.
I've learned that's an inner game of understanding how insecurities and limiting beliefs get in the way of us being fully self-expressed and reaching our potential.

I now work with leaders, individuals and teams to surface and shift the stuff that's eroding trust, cohesion and performance, so they can get more done and have more fun.
I believe every person has the capacity to live a life that embraces human flourishing and fulfilment - both professionally and personally. When we’re in this place, our defenses are down and we're in a state of high trust. From here, we naturally encourage those around us to shine and we feel more invigorated, connected and productive.
I work hand-in-hand with organisations, starting from an individual level to playfully identify self-imposed limits and unhelpful behavioural patterns, so that people can access the best within themselves and those around them, and inspire extraordinary performance.

We deliver this through:

Bespoke Programs
1:1 Coaching
Industry Coalitions
We deliver this through
“Yolanda’s work is essential, and she is excellent at it.
Her kindness and honest probing, plus the resources she shares has been invaluable.”
Female senior manager in their 50s
“The program had a deep and lasting impact on me. It provided me with the tools to be more reflective and helped me develop the confidence to put myself out there.”
program participant

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Bring out the very best.

Bring out the very best.

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