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Yolanda Beattie

“By cultivating integrity and self-expression, I learned we can access enormous personal freedom; well worth pursuing despite the fear and discomfort we experience from facing our own stuff”.

Yolanda Beattie founded Yo&Co in 2019 after spending over 20 years in marketing and public affairs, including leadership roles in Mercer’s diversity and inclusion practice and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Her career highlights include developing the Future IM/Pact project in partnership with leading super funds and fund managers, advising the Australian Cricketer’s Association and Cricket Australia on pay equity principals to support the landmark deal for female players, and running complex global pay equity audits.

But her most compelling experience has come from “life”.

“At 23, bumbling my way through my early career years, I was introduced to principles that changed the course of my personal and professional life. By cultivating integrity and self-expression, I learned we can access enormous personal freedom; well worth pursuing despite the fear and discomfort we experience from facing our own stuff. Especially when this stuff comes at such a high personal cost, such as the impact on those closest to you, or derailing your own professional fulfilment.”

Since then, Yolanda has spent thousands of hours studying what it takes to quieten the inner critic, let go of the unhelpful stories we tell ourselves, and be open and responsive instead of reactive and defensive. She’s honed these principles as a leader in her corporate roles, building highly engaged and effective teams in the process.

Her infectious energy, passion for breaking the mould and insatiable desire to get to the heart of issues in pursuit of solutions that work make her a sought-after coach and much-valued extension of the teams she works with.

Mel Miller

Mel Miller

Mel Miller has been with Yo&Co since its inception after spending seven years at the Workplace Gender Equality Agency where she was their communications and digital adviser.

In addition to working with Yolanda on WGEA’s game-changing campaigns, she project managed the development and later redevelopment of the Agency website, ran their digital and social media presence and project managed a number of key campaigns.

Mel brings a passion for making a difference in the world and an appetite to get shit done. Her no nonsense style, calm demeanour and brilliant efficiency make her the ideal partner to bring Yo&Co’s campaigns and programs to life.

Laila Hage-Ali

Laila Hage-Ali

Laila has a rich marketing background with 17 years’ experience across a variety of industries to create meaningful, long term connections between brands and their customers.

With a focus on people, relationships and creating purpose and drive, Laila has successfully led large, traditional team structures as well as agile project teams, to influence positive changes in strategic focus and organisational outcomes.

Throughout her career, Laila has had the opportunity to design, create and mould brand, customer and employee experiences with a focus on the positive impacts these experiences can have, in delivering on an organisation’s strategy, financial obligations and objectives.

Laila joined senior leadership teams quite early in her career and was one of the few female, and often the youngest, member of those teams. As a result, Laila has been sought out by colleagues for regular coaching, mentoring and guidance, something that she has also benefited from. Helping to develop young professionals has ignited her commitment to supporting others to flourish and find fulfilment in their careers.

Program participants will benefit from Laila’s professional background, personal leadership journey and experience in traditional work environments. They will also benefit from her understanding of the journey they will engage in and will be supported by an empathetic and dependable Program Director. Partners can be comforted by Laila’s strong commercial background and respect for organisational strategy and business outcomes.

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