Adaptive Leaders

Adaptive Leaders

You have the skills and knowledge to be an expert at what you do. Becoming an exceptional leader is now about cultivating who you are and how you show up for others.

Adaptive Leaders is a four-month coaching program exploring the most significant change leaders can make to improve their effectiveness and what they need to overcome to achieve the behavioural shift.

It’s suitable for all levels of leadership, including those who are leading without holding formal leadership positions.

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“This program helped me see how my ego's tendency to say yes to everything was coming at a personal cost. Calling it out has meant I delegate more, which is great for my well-being while also creating development opportunities for others”
adaptive leaders prograM, participant


“This program is a great way to realign your priorities and capture a new energy in bringing your best self to your team and work”
connected teams program participant
Teams matter more than ever. In a world where there’s more to know about everything, bringing together different perspectives to solve complex problems and capture new opportunities is arguably the most important role of any leader. As most leaders will tell you, it’s also the hardest part of the job. Humans are tricky and team dynamics can be fraught.

Our teams programs are suited for business leaders who believe exceptional performance is more likely to be achieved when their people are learning and growing. These leaders are willing to tackle the elephants in the room to make space for higher levels of creativity and innovation.

Adaptive Teams

Designed for teams ready to take their performance to the next level by identifying the individual mindset, attitude and behavioural shifts that will lift the team’s output and influence while driving a deeper level of relational connection and collaboration.

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LIFT: Sponsorship program

Ascending the path to senior leadership depends on so much more than raw talent. Your networks, personality type, confidence and life capacity are all major contributors to your ability to navigate organisational systems, capture opportunities and manage the intensity that executive aspirations bring. This reality means some people face more potholes, dead-ends and detours than others.

LIFT is a sponsorship program designed to create thriving and deeply connected leadership communities that provide the learning and support for a-typical talent to thrive. Run as a bespoke program internally with 12 sponsor/sponsee pairs, it is designed and delivered by Yo&Co with your key leaders included in key parts of the delivery.

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“It's one thing to be relentless about continuously improving the processes by which work gets done; it is quite another – and every bit as necessary – to be relentless about continuously improving the people who do the work.”
Robert kegan and lisa lahey


"It’s deeply satisfying to be working on an initiative that is making a tangible difference to improve gender equality in investment teams.”
Sam Hallinan, INDUSTRY leader

Future IM/Pact

Some problems are too big and entrenched to be solved by one company alone. This is often the case when solving for a lack of gender diversity in male-dominated industries or professions, like the investment management industry.

That’s why Yolanda created Future IM/Pact – a long term campaign that’s building a passion for investing in young women through social media, a virtual intern program, competitions,  mentoring and events.

Industry wide sponsorship program

LIFT picks up where Future IM/Pacts ends by supporting a-typical talent to ascend the path to top leadership in the funds management industry.

Have you got a top performing team that needs a new challenge?

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