About us

Welcome to Yo&Co

Welcome to Yo&Co
“I could see how the stories I was making up about conflict were consuming so much of my energy. Overnight I shifted this unhelpful thought pattern.”
participant feedback
We’re passionate about helping people thrive in high-functioning teams, have satisfying careers and lead extraordinary lives - whatever that means to you. In that quest, we work with individuals and teams to embrace:

+ radical responsibility and integrity
+ candour, connection and collaboration
+ growth and change
+ play and rest
+ openness and curiosity

Insecurities and ego-threats, and how they manifest to undermine our full potential and the potential of others, are at the heart of the conversation. How we create drama and politics, blame others, hold ourselves back, act entitled, righteous and defensive, and gossip are playfully explored in these deeply experiential, high impact programs.

If you’re interested in doing the work to cultivate a culture of high trust, constructive challenge and continuous improvement, then let’s talk.

How we work

Yo&Co programs are tailored and contextualised to reflect the specific opportunities and challenges you and/or your team are facing. We then apply proven behavioural change tools that inspire participants to alter how they see themselves and the world around them; allowing them to shift in the moment, as well as map and achieve growth over time.
“This was a great program for our team at this time with some real breakthroughs.”
participant feedback

Delivery of our programs comprise a mix of:

1 on 1

1 on 1 or group coaching

Half and/or full day workshops

Workbooks and self-directed learning

Diagnostics and deep dives

Email support and inspiration

How we work

Our values

We bring a palpable sense of curiosity to every person and team with whom we work. Organisational behaviour fascinates us, and we’re driven to understand the challenges that lie at the heart of our clients’ situations, guiding them to create their own human-centred solutions.
Our journey with each client is ignited by curiosity, and sustained by a commitment to seek and communicate truth. We’re straight-talking and, at times, raw; it’s our proven method for achieving the very best from our clients and their people.
Every person and team has the ability to grow, adapt and change. As humans, we don’t need to remain fixed if we don’t want to, and letting go of things that no longer serve us makes way for exciting possibilities.
Human connection is at the heart of the work we do. For people and teams to operate optimally, an environment where people can be fully open must be carefully cultivated. When our diverse skills, perspectives and beliefs are able to co-exist, teams are able to collaborate, innovate and accelerate to achieve great things.
Freedom is our focus. When our clients and their people do the work, a liberty from insecurities and negative thought patterns emerges, leaving in its place an extraordinary capacity for self-leadership and expression.
Our values

Do you want to experience a greater sense of flourishing?

Check out our Compass program and get in touch.