Our inside out philosophy

Being before doing; context before content

We believe our biggest growth edge lies in paying attention to how we have conversations (context), as well as what we're saying (content).
Paying attention to context means we're alert to levels of threat and trust. When we're feeling trusting, we're open, curious and connected. When our threat levels are up, we're defensive, righteous and negative. By focusing on how we're being, we can get everyone in the headspace for exceptional collaboration and higher levels of innovation.
“If you want to have a different outcome, you need to first understand how you're being that's creating your current reality. When we change how we're being (threatened v trusting), our behaviours radically shift and new possibilities emerge.”
Yolanda beattie

Above and below the line

We use the ‘above the line - below the line’ concept to help you understanding how you're being (threatened v trusting), and how this impacts what you do. It's a beautifully simple tool that allows us to explore pervasive mindsets and behaviours, such as:
  • How we react when we’re triggered
  • Politics, blame games and power struggles
  • Drama triangles
  • Righteousness and change resistance
  • Gossip and conflict avoidance
  • Imposter syndrome

Surfacing these issues and developing practices that help dissolve them can radically transform lives, and drastically improve personal and team effectiveness.

The Above the Line model based on the Conscious Leadership Group

Achieving extraordinary is an adaptive challenge

Being and context coaching is all about helping your people do the inner work so they can fully express their skills and talents, and live up to their full potential.  

At the heart of this is:

  • discovering how we want to be (expressed as an adaptive challenge)
  • learning how we sabotage ourselves (how our ego and insecurities stop us from changing)
  • shifting our unhelpful patterns (practical tools and practices that reframe our thinking and alter our behaviour)

Program participants learn to practice radical ownership and personal growth, integrity and candour, and openness and curiosity. The endgame is about being more self-expressed, connected, confident and productive, with a profound feeling of wellbeing and fulfilment.

Habits and commitments

We believe habits and systems matter as much as goals, so we train people in systems that drive personal and leadership effectiveness.

Making small improvements every day knowing that in time they add up to significant growth is the endgame.

A graphical green shape with young man cut out inside
“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”
James Clear, author, Atomic Habits

“Reimagine:  Life, work and teams”

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