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The experience

Yolanda Beattie is a sought-after speaker known for her high energy and interactive sessions on the inner game of leadership, teams, careers and life.

Having been at the forefront of the workplace gender equality agenda for the past decade, her thought-provoking sessions are infused with the principles of diversity and equity but from a human-centred perspective. This approach recognises the primacy of the human experience before layering identity challenges, and in the process creates a truly inclusive experience.

Participants leave with fresh insights and tools to support their personal and professional growth.  

“Yolanda’s inner game presentation at our recent team offsite was highly engaging, practical and thought-provoking. Yolanda adeptly facilitated the session, offering practical tools for self-reflection that we’re already using with our teams.”
Rob Koczkar, CEO at Adamantem Capital

Presentation topics

"Yolanda’s presentation at the 2023 FEAL conference was a hit! The interactive discussion was rich, and she created a positive energy in the room that vitalised the audience and left the leaders with plenty to ponder."
Katrina Bacon, CEO, FEAL
Yolanda’s presentations are contextualised for your audience and cover the following topics.

The inner game of leadership

Inspire your audience with practical tools and insights to support their inner growth journey. Unlock new perspectives and ways of being.

Sponsorship as an adaptive challenge

Great sponsors leverage their reputational capital to support another’s career potential. That takes deep care and some risk, especially when advocating for diverse or a-typical talent.

Book this interactive keynote to share Future IM/Pact’s sponsorship ladder and leave your audience with clarity on their blindspots and how they need to change to unleash the potential in others.

Self-leadership and human flourishing

Most of us are weighed down by limiting self-beliefs and unhelpful paradigms that taint our lived experience – either a little or a lot. That’s because we’re wired with a negativity bias and have well-trained self-protection mechanisms that have been key to our survival.

In this fun and playful keynote, Yolanda shares her favourite tools for re-writing the story of your life so you can experience new levels of freedom and flourishing.

Team work is TrustWork

Research consistently shows team performance is about so much more than the skills and experience of the team members. Rather, boosting collective intelligence and performance is an exercise in trust building, starting with self-trust.

In this keynote, Yolanda shares her ingredients for high-trust teams and provides tools and frameworks that facilitate connected vulnerability, self-compassion and radical responsibility.

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Inspire and challenge your audience with an immersive session on the inner game of leadership, teams, careers and life.