February 4, 2021

Have you found your 2021 mojo?

Have you found your 2021 mojo?

I caught up with two of my favourite clients yesterday who know me really well and could sense I was a bit off. When someone asks me more than once if I’m OK, and I’m not, I almost always fess up. When two people know me as well as these fellas, I knew I couldn’t hide the truth. I’m struggling to find my 2021 mojo!

I thought it might be because I had two underwhelming dates on the weekend. Or maybe I’m already feeling anxious about my daughter’s Dad heading back up north mid-March. The fear of future border closures mean I might be solo parenting for months at a time. Or maybe plans for a month alcohol-free are bringing me down?

I spend most of my time thinking about self-leadership and being very intentional about my mindset, behaviour, energy and moods. But I still get lost in thought and occasionally flattened by life. Here’s what I’m doing to shake it off and step into my inspired zone. It’s working a treat. Today I feel more energised, focused and inspired. My mojo is definitely on the way up! How’s yours?
Morning exercise with my daughter
My personal trainer does a great 30 min Zoom workout Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Today Mala joined in and we had a hoot! I often exercise later in the morning. Getting the blood pumping first thing makes such a difference.

Radical self-compassion
Tara Brach is my go to woman for this work. She has a wonderful practice called RAIN (recognise, allow, inquire, nurture). This practice allows you to make space for negative feelings as they belong too. And they leave wonderful wisdom. The next two practices are part of how I’m nurturing them and me.

Nurturing my spirituality with effortless mindfulness
I’m shifting my meditation practice and embracing effortless mindfulness with a brilliant teacher – Loch Kelly. I’m reading his book, attended a virtual retreat (well, watched the video replay) and have signed up for a 12 week course. This practice allows me to connect with the felt experience of awake awareness (AKA consciousness), and it feels sooooo good.

Training and recruiting my inner cheerleader
As my ex-husband used to say – thoughts become things. What you tell your mind has a profound impact on your lived experience. To marinade in that idea, I’m relishing Marissa Peer. Here’s a talk from her called The rules of the mind. It’s an hour long so make the space and time to really absorb it if you’re up for re-writing your inner dialogue. I’m being intentional about what I’m telling myself, particularly when I need to draw on energy, enthusiasm and positivity. Here’s how that script is currently playing out:

“I’m so excited to have a month off booze. It feels so incredible. I feel so light and strong and free.”

“I love being the primary carer of my daughter. She’s such an awesome kid. She’s so funny and inspiring. Having her with me all the time means I get to create such a great bond and household rhythm.”

What are some changes you can make to your own inner dialogue?

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