November 15, 2020

Smiling at the righteous mind

Smiling at the righteous mind

Blaming others and avoiding responsibility is one of the classic ways we go below the line. The antidote is radical responsibility. That means we take 100% responsibility for our outcomes.

So if you’re running late, we don’t blame the traffic or the kids. We take responsibility for the fact that we didn’t allow enough time. Or if you’re angry and upset that your colleague sends abrupt emails, check in and ask: am I taking this personally, perhaps they’re just in rush?

For those who are making a practice of owning your outcomes, be mindful of how the comparing mind rears its head. That’s the voice who’s watching the ledger; the one who’s saying “I can now see how I’m contributing to this problem, but they’re a bigger part of the problem”. Can you see that? Now smile and accept yourself for going below the line. It’s only when we give up on who’s most at fault that we can move above the line.

Who or what are you blaming today?

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